All family-run

The Zanello family has been working in Bibione for over 50 years.

Vittorio, Luca, Marco with Francesca, Lucia and their mother, Celestina, have collected the inheritance of their father Feruglio, who arrived in Bibione in the early 60s. With the office “Turistica Azzurra” they directly manage their own apartments, welcoming tourists with attention, care and professionalism.

I’m  Celestina,

the “Queen Mother“. After 40 years of work in the family business, with the arrival of the tenth grandson I left the baton to the children. Now in place of the scepter, I hold the golf club in my hand.

I’m Lucia,

I welcome you in the front office of Turistica Azzurra. I offer my experience so that your holiday in our accommodation is safe and meets your expectations.

I’m Luca,

Responsible for administration and accounting for Turistica Azzurra, I’m the manager of the company

I’m Marco,

I have designed the accommodation for your holidays, I am responsible for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services. I intervene to deal with unforeseen events and any structural need.

I’m Vittorio,

After managing the family business Agenzia Zanello for years, now I dedicate myself to other passions, including making the videos that you find on this website.

I’m  Francesca,

I am responsible for cleaning services. With my job I aim to offer you apartments equipped with every comfort.